It's a great way for you to make your gathering memorable and unique.

What is a House Concert?
  • Gather friends in your living room, on the deck or even in a gallery or other venue and Siama and his musicians perform for you. They can play quiet background music or rollicking dance music. 
  • A house concert could be for 20 people or more...whatever your space can accommodate. 
  • Give your guests 30 minutes or so to relax and mingle before the concert begins. Usually the musical component of a house concert lasts 2-3 hours (including 10 minute hourly breaks).  Siama will respond to the guests, offering music that fits the mood and encourages a really interactive, in-the-moment experience for everyone.
  • This varies depending on size of the event, # of musicians, etc.
    Contact us and we'll help you plan the perfect offering to suit your party and your budget.

  • You can offer the event for guests to enjoy for free or ask guests to contribute in order to reimburse you.
  • You can either offer food/beverages or ask guests to bring things to share.

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